Here’s a fun post to start the week! Thanks to Sara at She Cooks, She Crafts, She Runs for hosting!



  • Current Book: The End of Your Life Book Club
  • Current Music: Anything with PitBull
  • Current Guilty Pleasure: Cheesecake!
  • Current Nail Color: My hands have an American manicure and toes are a lobster color!
  • Current Drink: Water!
  • Current Food: My absolute favorite is mexican food.
  • Current Favorite show: Grey’s Anatomy
  • Current Wish List: A sub 2-hour half marathon time tomorrow! (1:59:59 is acceptable)
  • Current Needs: I really don’t need anything. I have everything I need!
  • Current Indulgence: Soft pretzels…..from Target
  • Current Blessing: My family is healthy, we are provided for.
  • Current Outfit: um, Running clothes! Seriously, I have a new dress I love!
  • Current Excitement: My half marathon! It’s my 1 year anniversary of my 1st half marathon!

So there’s my list! What are some of your currents?

Have a great week!

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4 Responses to Currently….

  1. Alisha B says:

    Current book: La evolucion de Calpurnia Tate
    Current Music: Blurred lines (It’s sexy!)
    Current Guilty Pleasure: onion rings
    Current Nail Color: Fingernails are shaped but no color, gold on toes which I really love!
    Current Drink: Sonic unsweetened tea
    Current Food: Johnny Carinos Spicy Romano chicken
    Current Favorite show: The Americans
    Current Wish List: A clean bill of health for running; pain free knee(s)
    Current Needs: See above
    Current Indulgence: an occasional Dr.pepper
    Current Blessing: My husband kept his job at RHS and the new coach is great to work for,too!
    Current Outfit: Haltar top and mint colored shorts that scream ITS SUMMER!
    Current Excitement: Schools almost over!!!

  2. amrtt says:

    Current Excitement: My half on Saturday
    Current Book: The ACE Group Fitness Certification Manual!
    emma @

  3. Alicia says:

    Good luck at your race! I love chasing a sub 2-hour half… I hope you get yours!

    And soft pretzels are my serious guilty pleasure. I haven’t tried them from Target (although Target’s popcorn is awesome), but I’m addicted to them at ball games… yum!!!

  4. shaydmom says:

    Current Book: The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner
    Current Music: Im on an 80’s kick but for current I can’t stop singing Treasure by Bruno Mars (prolly cause it sounds 80’s lol)
    Current Guilty Pleasure: Jelly Beans – i have no idea why
    Current Nail Color: Nails are sultry orange and toes are eggshell blue
    Current Drink: Water! always
    Current Food: My absolute favorite is italian but my current food is anything with avocado
    Current Favorite show: The Walking Dead
    Current Wish List: To find a way to get to Kauai!!! And to get my health back to where it was.
    Current Needs: Debt reduction. Teenagers are EXPENSIVE and I’ve got 3 of them.
    Current Indulgence: Java Chip Frappacino’s
    Current Blessing: My family (extended included) we spend a lot of time together this time of year.
    Current Outfit: Maxi Dresses! Im addicted.
    Current Excitement: Summer’s here!!! swimming, tanning, laying out! Summer music and summer movie season. I love it!

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