Pinterest much?

On a scale of 1 to crazy, how addicted are you to Pinterest? Here are some of my favorite pins, including some recipes I’ve tried!

It seems my most useful pins are recipes. I’ve tried several and most of them are great, there was at least one Pinterest fail. I should have taken a picture of how mine turned out. For Valentine’s day I thought I’d throw a pasta dish in the crock pot. This one looked so yummy! I’m sure it was just failure on my part. I’ll try it again, just not in the crock pot. It was total mush.

Pinterest fail

This taco bake is so easy and can be made with any ingredients. It’s a good Sunday evening snack meal for us.

taco bake

I am seriously addicted to pinning outfits that I’m sure I’ll never own or be able to pull off, but I love it anyway!

Cute dress

And of course weekend casual in my Nike’s!

Nike outfit

This girl’s blog (Mama Mandolin) got me excited about trying to flaunt my natural curls, they haven’t seen daylight since 1996!

curly hair

I sorta started this project for Ally’s room. I need a lot more frames though! I love it!

Allys room

I love, love, love this! Should be easy to make, right?

Bible verse

WeΒ made these for first day of school teacher gifts ~ they were a hit!

Apple n caramel

That’s my Pinterest boards in a nutshell!

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What are your favorite pins? Or what do you pin the most of?

Have a great week!

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11 Responses to Pinterest much?

  1. Amy says:

    On a scale of 1 to crazy? I’m a Pinterest nut job. Cute post! I love what you’re planning for Ally’s room.

  2. I don’t need to be addicted to one more thing so I’ll stay away!! But I do need to check ot that girl’s blog- I have natural curls and they’re a mess!

    • howmyworldruns says:

      Oh Emma, Pinterest is fun! Definitely check out her blog. Her curls aren’t as curly as mine but her styling tips are great! πŸ™‚

  3. Alicia says:

    I love Pinterest. What isn’t there to love? I mostly pin pictures of awesome food, or cute outfits I could never afford or pull together πŸ™‚ But fitness stuff and home stuff is right up at the top of my most pinned, too!

    • howmyworldruns says:

      I do pin a lot of fitness stuff too. I bought a maxi skirt today at Target that’s similar to a Pinterest outfit, I’m going to pair it with a denim jacket and see what I can come up with! πŸ™‚

  4. shaydmom says:

    On a scale of 1 to crazy they now have me locked in a padded cell….my children have called CPS and my husband thinks I’ve found another love. Yeah, I’ll admit it, I LIVE on pinterest and I am not ashamed! ok maybe a little ashamed. Its sad really. But I tell myself (and my husband) that its like a weird, sick shopping addiction but I never actually spend any money. So that’s good right? I too have found MANY new family favs in the recipe dept. and WAY too many home decor ideas that will probably never come to fruition, but that’s ok, because it makes me HAPPY :o) Pinterest and I have an odd, twisted relationship but it works for us and I will never leave it! #endlesswastedhoursofhappiness

    • howmyworldruns says:

      Love it Shannon! I’ll have to browse through your recipes as well!

      • shaydmom says:

        If you look for my recipes I have several different boards. I have one that is just food/recipes, a lowfat recipe board and then a board for recipes i have tried and like. Happy Pinning!!

  5. Gale says:

    I LOVE pinterest. I actually do very few of the projects I pin though (a few kids activities, a lot of the things I pin for VBS, a few things I pinned for a baby shower, and some recipes).

    You can see the recipes I’ve actually tried and love here:

    (Only one I tried and didn’t love…and I just deleted it I think. But man, I’ve pinned hundreds of recipes and made like, eight!

    • howmyworldruns says:

      Gale I’m following your recipe board now, I’ll have to check out those recipes. Thanks for stopping by!

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