It’s What I Ate (and did) Wednesday!

Welcome to another edition of What I ate Wednesday! Even though this one is mostly what I did Wednesday.

Today is my day off and it’s gym day. I am worn out! I warmed up on the elliptical (I got bored after about 8 minutes). Then abs, legs, arms, plank and a cool down on the stationary bike. I did up my weight on the leg press to 95 pounds! Yay for hitting goals!
I’ve been eating yogurt with the granola that you add in and I really like it. After the yummy granola at camp last week I decided to find me some! I found this brand at Kroger and really like it. I just bought the yogurt without the granola and add my own. This is a great snack by itself too. 
Pre-gym breakfast was a toasted wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana. Post gym I grabbed an Isopure protein drink on the way to the Chiropractor/Sports Medicine doctor. My knee has been kinda wacky the last week or so, I’m assuming all the hill work and adding miles. 
I was very hungry and ready for lunch at about 10:45, I had leftover tacos from last night. Doing my best to leave the chocolate chip cookies alone, but having a very hard time with that!
Dinner was Chick-fil-A. I get their grilled chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese and it’s a little lighter than the original fried. Obviously cooking at home is always a better option but when I choose fast food Chick-Fil-A seems to be a decent choice. 
Let’s do a little comparison: Original chicken (fried) vs. the Grilled Club (taken from Chick-Fil-A website)
440 calories vs. 400 
16 fat grams vs. 12
4g saturated fat vs. 5
60mg cholesterol vs. 85
1400mg sodium vs. 1110
42g carbs vs. 36
2g fiber vs. 3
6g sugar vs. 9
30g protein vs. 37 

Where do you buy your running/workout clothes?

I never find anything at TJ Maxx but lucked out today. I needed a new every day jacket/windbreaker since I discovered  (at camp) the zipper was broken on my old jacket. So, I ended up with this super cute New Balance jacket and a Nike top. The jacket was $25 and the top was $15. The jacket is lined and is water and wind resistant. I guess I could run in it but it’s a little heavier than my Nike running jacket and it’s perfect for me!

Here are my awesome finds!

photo (5)

And here’s me modeling the jacket. No, I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon!

photo (6)

I had a busy day ~ Target (twice), had to replace my smoothie maker that died on me yesterday. It’s not a good sign when the smoothie oozes out the vents in the back! Oil changed, Half Price books but didn’t find the book I needed.

Where do you buy your running or workout clothes? Any good finds recently? What fast food place do you find decent, (somewhat on the healthy side) food?

Did you #EarnYourShower today?

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  1. I used to get a lot of my workout clothes from Target. They’re good for basics. But, sometimes, I like to go to a running store for a special item, like a shirt with a pocket. Always get my socks from a running store. Or, a variety of places online for special items. My running bras come from lululemon, worth the price for those!

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