April Arms and #GoalsCheck Monday!

This week’s April Arms post is brought to you by Shelly at Running Pfuhl. Check out this weeks exercise. Have you been doing the Shoulder presses we introduced last Monday?


“Woot!! So, how’d you do in the first week of April? Did you #earnyourshower? Did you meet your goals you posted Monday?

I did ok. I was good on nutrition. I drank my water. I got my runs in, even when I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I purged and tossed quite a bit this week. I said no to things that didn’t need to clutter my schedule. I went to boot camp! Need to blog about that! I didn’t meet my tabata goals. I will be more steadfast about getting it done this week.

Sarah, Sara and I are ready for a new week, a new challenge, new goals! I hope you’re all ready to rise to the occasion!

THE MOVES: Like Jaggar

It’s getting warmer, the tank tops are coming out of the back of the closet, the sundresses are aching for the sun; but I’m not sure my arms are ready! Do you hate that feeling of seeing a friend across the way, you wave vigorously at them….. as does the “squishy” part on the back of your arm.

I fondly refer to it as “my bat wings”! HA. The wings will be gone like feathers hair of the 70’s with these great moves! You can do Mick’s Rooster Dance with pride, with no flapping at all! Pick your poison! There are 10 moves to choose from. Here’s an article from SparkPeopleon how to do the exercises.”

Thanks Shelly for the motivation this week!

Let us know you are participating:

 Training update:

Training for the Patriot Half Marathon is in full swing, ran 7 miles Saturday and 3.5 on Sunday. Ally has decided she wants to run a 10k so I need to help her get her miles up. We have a few 5k’s on the calendar as well and my first mud run is June 1! Come join me in the 9:15AM wave for the Pretty Muddy race.

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  • Water – not consistent, still working on this
  • Personal – I cleaned out 2 kitchen drawers, my dresser and got some things out of my closet.
  • Abs – learned some new exercises from the trainer Saturday, going to be implementing those this week.
  • Weights – going to be upping my weight this week as well, learned how to use a few of the machines I haven’t used yet. And going to try out the bar bells this week as well.
  • Limit splurging/cheating/indulging meals to Saturday, which are long runs days. I’ve been “splurging” more often and I should save that for Saturday and not during the week.

Have you set goals for 2013? How are you doing? Did you #EarnYourShower this weekend?

Link up your #GoalsCheck posts below.

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Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

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  1. Love your scripture at the end 🙂

  2. melanie says:

    Stopping by from the Texas blogger group 🙂

    Hope you are doing well!

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