We have a winner and a not-so-great run

This morning was my first run since Sunday. I would have thought my legs would be plenty rested, but they had other plans. Let’s just say I’m glad it’s done. I should be good to go for Saturday! I have a 6 mile training run followed by a 5k race.


My daughter apparently inherited my need for shoes – that need has changed from every day shoes to running/workout shoes. ¬†At the RnR expo last week, Luke’s Locker had these fabulous Nike Free’s on clearance, so guess who pooled their money together to buy said shoes? Yep, it’s nice that my 11 year old and I wear the same size. She wears them to school, I wear them to the gym. She will probably grow out of them soon!


Thank you to everyone that participated in the Empower Fitness! Congratulations to Eliza K! You should have an email from me!

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