Hungry Much?

Last run before Rock N’ Roll Dallas was this morning, 3.10 miles at 9:53 pace. It was 52 degrees, but it felt colder, I guess the wind was the culprit.

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Hungry Much?

A friend of mine mentioned the other day she was hungry all the time, it seems I am too. Not just barely growling tummy, like I could do some serious-damage-at-a-buffet-hungry!

Am I alone?

I know on long run days I’m going to be hungry and so I eat more those days. Who wouldn’t be when usually I burn as many calories in a run as I get for the whole day. Even on days when I run 5 miles at 5AM, I eat when I get home about 6. That’s usually toast or a bagel and peanut butter, then I’m hungry by 9 so I’m having yogurt or fruit. Then I’m hungry at 11-11:30 so it’s lunchtime. Then comes the afternoon snack and then I’m always ready for dinner. Am I eating the wrong foods? Am I still not eating enough?

I haven’t been entering my food like I should on My Fitness Pal, so I’ve made a commitment to start doing that because I weighed and I’m up 5-6 pounds, which some would say no big deal. But I know me and 5-6 pounds will easily become 8-9 pounds so I’m getting it in check now. Since I’m trying to lose a few,  Fitness Pal of course lowered my calories by 300 per day. When I started losing weight almost 2 years ago I was eating 1200 calories per day and not eating my exercise calories at first. I did start eating some of them after I had about 30 pounds off. I could tell I was hungry more.

I just don’t think 1200 calories is enough for me these days. I’m running 3-4 days a week plus usually 2 days in the gym. I burn a lot of calories. I try to eat the best I can. But lately when I’m hungry I don’t make good choices. So, where’s the balance? How do I lose/maintain weight without being hungry (all the time)?

Thoughts on this? Anyone else dealing with this?

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3 Responses to Hungry Much?

  1. Leslie says:

    Sarah, that’s the one thing I despise about MFP, the bottom # is always 1200 and its just not enough. I am hungry all the time it seems and the only thing i can think is that my workouts were getting harder each week & its reving up my metabolism. i also havent had desserts/bread since Ash Wednesday so that could be part of it too…I recently increased my cals by A LOT, it’s only been a week but so far the scale is moving down, slowly but in the right direction. Try this calculator & maybe play around with calorie cycling.

  2. Sara Stone says:

    Somedays I eat soooo much! And I’ll even be making healthy choices but it’s like I just can’t fill up! I just give the excuse that I’m making up for the days that I don’t have time to eat! lol

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