March Madness going STRONG!

I hope you are trying out these exercises each week. We are working hard this year on getting strong and staying motivated. If you don’t have a workout partner or someone to hold you accountable, find one or ask me! I have lots of ladies in my life that hold me accountable. If I don’t show up you better believe they are gonna want to know why!

I’ve been doing the lateral jumps and jump squats this week. That gets my heart rate up and my legs are feeling it. I’m working on getting strong this year. I have a lot of goals and a lot to look forward to.

Goals for 2013, these are a work in progress!

  • Running: that’s an easy one for me. I’m getting about 18-25 miles a week, just depends on the long run that’s scheduled.
  • Weight training: Going pretty good. Some days I use light weights at home, when I go to the gym I lift heavier weights.
  • Core: I’m doing push-up, planks, sit-ups, anything and everything I can to strengthen my core.
  • Blog goals: I’m trying to stay consistent in writing posts. I’m always interested in what my readers want to see, so shoot me an email if there’s a topic you want discussed or if you have a question. I’m also trying to stay caught up reading the blogs I follow and comment on those too!
  • Organizing my house. Let’s get back to this one another day. (not doing well)
  • Eating better. Some days good, some days not. Overall I’m doing good.

March Madness, new exercise for the week!

We have a new exercise this week, coming from Shelly and Running Pfuhl. We all know getting healthy and fit isn’t about luck, you have to work for it. It takes dedication and hard work. Tell us what you are doing!

Training update: Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon

My last “long run” for RnR is tomorrow, it’s 9 miles and we are going to the lake for change of scenery. It’s my first Rock N’ Roll race and everyone says they are fun but crowded. Cowtown was really crowded so I’m prepared. I’m hoping to shave a few minutes off my time from Cowtown. If the weather cooperates that should be doable.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Anyone racing this weekend? Did you workout today?


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