#30DayHomies Day 20

It’s Sunday, my post is late, but I have good reasons. Ally is sick, so went to the doctor and she has viral bronchitis. Good thing we are already off tomorrow ~ no work, no school!

I took Molly for her first walk/run this morning. Ally walks her, but I wanted to see how she does running. And she loves it!


Last night I got my longest plank time in so far ~ 1:45, I was so excited!


We will be announcing new giveaways tomorrow. Don’t forget about the photo contest, details on how to submit are coming soon. Categories are:

  1. You and your best workout buddy
  2. Funniest workout photo (be creative)
  3. Show us your muscles

Hope you are having a great Sunday! What was your workout today?

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2 Responses to #30DayHomies Day 20

  1. Alisha b says:

    37 min/ level 8 stair master
    Weighted walking lunges
    Wall sit 1 min
    Plank coming soon
    I have decided to attempt the chin up machine in honor of trying new things

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