#30DayHomies Day 12 ~ We have winners!

It’s day 12 and we have more winners to announce!

The winner of the Handana is Micky Schembri and the winner of the Beachbody set is Kirsten Diehl!

You ladies should receive an email verifying your address.

This morning I helped out with a virtual race with my Moms Run This Town Chapter. I wasn’t able to run, still resting my foot. We had about 40 or so runners, including two 11 year old girls. We offered 5k, 10k and half marathon distance. It was really foggy and humid but I was expecting pouring down rain so I’d say the weather cooperated.  I’ll be hitting the gym this evening for my workout. I also got to run on a really cool treadmill called an Alter G, it’s an anti gravity treadmill, got in a mile this morning.

I did score some new shoes to try, got them at the Rockwall Running Center. It’ll be 4-5 days at least before I can take them for a test run but I’m excited! Anyone run in Newton’s?



We will be announcing new giveaways on Monday.  Have a great weekend!




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I am a child of God, wife, mom, lifter, runner, sort of blogger and travel agent by day.
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3 Responses to #30DayHomies Day 12 ~ We have winners!

  1. Micky Schembri says:

    Hi there. I never got an email verifying my address. Is there something I need to do?


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