#30DayHomies Day 11

It’s day 11! I did my very first toga class last night. I was scared, not sure what to expect but I really liked it. I definitely could have fallen asleep at the end though, all that stretching and breathing…..

So, that’s one of my new things I’ve tried this month. I guess I also went to the gym twice in a day, so that’s something new too!

This month is about motivation, encouragement, trying something new, ¬†and making new routines. It’s about doing something good for yourself. Setting an example for your family and friends. It’s about you. I hope you are enjoying it.

Stay focused on your goal, we still have some awesome giveaways to keep you motivated.


Don’t forget the Handana and Beachbody giveaways end tonight at 11:59Pm CST. See Day 7 for the details!

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5 Responses to #30DayHomies Day 11

  1. Great job trying new workouts! I was attempting to do one new class each month at the gym last year… I fell off the bandwagon by the end, but it was fun to push myself.

  2. Idalie Beyer says:

    Yoga is great and tough! Good job! I ran with my doggies today. 2.5 miles with both of them, then I dropped off my pit bull mix Rusty (who got out of his collar and ran home) and continued with Hawkeye my mutt who ran the other 2 miles with me. He is my performance dog. So I got in a 4.5 mile easy run today. #30dayhomies!

  3. Alisha Bridges says:

    Started the workout this morning…finishing tonight. Finally a little sore in the abs-happy about that. Gym TOMORROW!

  4. sonturtle says:

    It is always neat to try something new, glad you liked it. I plan on trying it next week. I have read several things that say it is really good for runners, so I thought it might help with the prevention of aches and pains this year. Ran 2.75 miles today, 1 min plank, 50 situps and 20 pushups.

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