#30DayHomies Day 5

Half Marathon training update

It’s Saturday, which means it’s long run day for me! 7 miles on the books today. I am training with 3 other ladies for their first half marathon, I’m excited, they are all doing really well! I hope they are as excited as I am.

I run with my Nike+ Sport Watch but the data on their website is somewhat limited, so I signed up for Daily Mile, it syncs with my watch. Hopefully I’ll get a bit more data from them.

We usually run early, before the sun comes up. Which means this time of year it’s usually cold (anywhere from 28-40 degrees). I’m not fond of running in the cold. I can’t seem to find a balance of what clothes to wear, how many layers and so I’m usually too hot or too cold the whole time. I also can’t seem to get warmed up the rest of the day. I gotta figure this out, so if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave me a comment!

Any foam rollers out there?

Let me introduce you to my foam roller.


I think it’s great for anyone, runners, walkers and anyone exercising. Sometimes you don’t even realize how sore or tight your muscles are until you try this. This is really good to do on your rest days.

You can cross your legs at your ankles or leave them uncrossed. Flex your feet though.


There are lots of videos online with instructions. Some say you actually roll, some just hold it. I was taught you roll until you find a sore spot and hold it like a pressure point massage. It hurts so bad, but is so good at the same time!


You can roll on your side from your hips to your knee. Then flip to your backside and roll your hamstrings and calves. I’ve even been known to roll my shins with it or use a softball.



You can find foam rollers from $20 and up. I got mine at Target.

We do have winners to announce today, don’t worry I didn’t forget!

The winner of the Havasu Decals Runner Chick Tumbler is Tina Nelson!

The winners of the Swiftwick socks are Tammy Labuda, Sylvia Seabolt, Nicole Leibee and Patti Geesey!

You should all have an email from me, just reply confirming your address.

Watch for more giveaways to be announced Monday!


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6 Responses to #30DayHomies Day 5

  1. Elyse says:

    I walked my dog as a nice warmup, then came inside to get down to work. I did about half an hour of yoga, and then got to the fun stuff: Three rep of shoulder presses, bicep curls, flys, reverse flys, tricep dips, tricep skull crushers, a few other arm exercises I can’t remember the names of, crunches, and plank holds. I ended with some restorative yoga and a ten minute meditation. I feel really good about it, and feel like it’s definitely improving my yoga. I’m also planning on hitting a yoga class this afternoon.

  2. Alisha B says:

    Knees a little less swollen today.
    3/20 leg lifts
    3/20 crunches
    3/20 arm dips

    Almost done with my 8 glasses of water.

  3. Heather says:

    I have been using a pool noodle as a foam roller, but it’s not the greatest. My PT suggested I use my rolling pin, but I think I’ll just spring for a legit foam roller! 🙂

    Today I did 2 planks (held the 1st for 20 seconds & held the 2nd for 1 minute) & 10 push ups!

    • I’ve heard pool noodles work. The rolling pin would work but it would hurt more. I’ve used a softball on my shins and calves and it works deeper but hurts more. They have a PVC pipe at the gym for the crazies to use as well! 🙂

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