Nike Training today

Went for a short warm up run today. Here I am in my glow in the dark shirt, can’t miss me coming!

I downloaded the Nike Training app a few months ago and I really like it. They have 15-45 minute workouts, you can play your music in the background, the app tells you when to do something new. There’s also a picture of it. You can always change it up if something is too easy or difficult for you. There are several levels and you earn badges! Here’s a screen shot of part of what I did today.

Molly hid under the recliner. Guess I scared her.

Ally and I got a new yoga mat, guess who did not pick this one out? At least it matches my shoes!

Lunch was home made taco soup. Basically I cook ground meat (sometimes turkey) and dump frozen corn and canned beans and ro-tel tomatoes in a pot and cook it. It’s pretty good!

Tomorrow is another 5 miles, looking forward to 7 miles this weekend. Slowly building my endurance back up. Have a great day everyone!

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