Cold morning run

I picked a nice, cold morning for my first early morning run in a month. Ran 5.44 miles at 5Am today and it went well, walked just a little bit of it. It was a hilly route but it felt great to be back out there!

I also dusted off my Brooks Pure Flow running shoes to give them another try. I fell in love with these and bought them in March and they don’t have too many miles on them. Someone told me I probably couldn’t run long distances in them, so they’ve been sitting on the shelf taunting me. I am going to see what kind of mileage I can put on them!

It’s not a great picture. (I seriously need to learn to take pictures of myself!)

Since I did not eat well this last Thanksgiving (was I alone??) I decided to have a protein shake for dinner last night. I LOVE Smoothie King but since I had a tub of protein powder sitting on my kitchen counter I figured I’d make it at home. I use bananas, frozen strawberries and sometime frozen peaches.

Anyone else have yummy protein shake recipes?

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