Volunteering at a race!

My first experience as a race volunteer was Sunday at the Fort Worth Marathon, which also includes a half and 20 miler. Our water stop was at mile 11 and then 15.5 after they turned around. I had no idea what this experience would mean to me. I highly recommend volunteering at a race!

It was amazing to see all the runners, all ages, races, fitness levels, body types, so many different athletes. I think the one that struck me most had to be in his 70’s and he was running 26.2 miles! I have no idea if this was his first or last race but I talked to him for a second and knew he was having a blast. He told me he’d watch for me at the Cowtown in February. 

All the runners seemed excited to be there, very nice, no one threw gatorade at us!

We decorated our water stop in hopes of winning the grand prize (still waiting on those results). We had cow bells, posters and even decorated the sidewalk. 

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