Review of Yurbuds headphones

I totally forgot to do this review of my new headphones. I can never keep a pair of headphones in my ears, I always had to workout and run with those old fashion ones that cover the whole ear, they get really hot in the summer! 
I had a coupon for Yurbuds from Target, they are guaranteed to stay in so I gave them a shot. They really do stay in, they have never fallen out of my ears yet! The sound is great, they are comfortable and affordable at under $30. Check online for a coupon. I got the ironman series. 
In early 2013 my Yurbuds started falling out. I called them after months of trying to figure out what I had done to them. They ended up replacing them, for free, per their warranty. I now own the Women’s Inspire, the size is better suited for my ears. They are working perfectly and I still highly recommend them. Yurbuds stands by their product.

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  1. Sara Stone says:

    Hi! I saw your blog linked up with Moms run this town fb page in FW. I'm a blogger and a runner and I love seeing what others have to say.

  2. Thanks for following me! I'm new to blogging and so far really enjoying it. I have some wonderful blogs I follow. What is yours called?

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