New toys!

Thanks to birthday money and work incentives I got 2 new toys. I’ve had my eye on the Nike+ SportWatch for a while now. I always run with my phone for safety reasons, but now running with a group that reason isn’t as big a deal anymore. The phone was getting a little heavy and hard to read while running. 

I’ve had one run with the watch and I am in love with it! Easy to use, the screen is big and bright and it syncs up easily with the online Nike+ site and my phone app. And of course, the iPod shuffle is a perfect addition. I really like having music when I run, but with a group it’s mostly background noise. 

I wasn’t sure about having the Nike+ sensor in my shoe, I was afraid I would feel it. But, after just one run I’m used to it, I don’t really even remember feeling it. The left shoe has an insert for it to go in. The best part is it works inside, so when I have to run on the treadmill (which I don’t like), the sensor will work with my watch and track my run. YAY!

Nice scratch in the table! (Thanks Ranger!)

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