Should you run?

Disclaimer – I am not an expert runner, trainer or doctor. This is just my opinion. 

I read a blog post this week written by a man that basically said most women shouldn’t run. It got me fired up (and not in a good way!) Pretty much that our bodies weren’t designed for it, we are more prone to injuries, blah, blah, unless we are “elite” athletes. He goes on to say “normal” women who run become statistics (ie injuries). So, what’s an elite athlete? Who decides that? What if someone had told Allyson Felix she shouldn’t run because her body may not be cut out for it?

It got me thinking. I’m sure there are people that shouldn’t run, but I wouldn’t limit it to just women. 

I’d say anyone who is overweight, already has injuries, bad knees, back, etc, probably shouldn’t start trying to train for marathon. Like any exercise program, if you start running just to lose weight, most likely you will get injured, will get discouraged, will quit and probably not try again. Most likely putting back on any weight you did lose. If I had started trying to run at 40 pounds overweight, I would have quit. It was hard enough after losing 30. It takes a lot to run, it takes the right training, dedication, proper nutrition, most importantly you have to want it. You won’t succeed if you hate running. You will need to find something else to do. I happen to love it, so far, and will run as long as I am able.  

I’ve been running for a year, injury free. 

I’m glad no one ever told me I shouldn’t run because I’m a woman.

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I am a child of God, wife, mom, lifter, runner, sort of blogger and travel agent by day.
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